Arigato Living

  • Client: Casokdo Co.,Ltd
  • Year: 2023
  • Location: Tokyo

Spatial design of an office and photo studio for a PR company Casokdo Co.,Ltd. The traditional Japanese spatial arrangement, which utilizes sliding doors (fusuma) to partition limited spaces with multifunctionality in mind, served as inspiration. Implementing a continuous rail and curtains circulating throughout the space allows for a flexible utilization of the environment, seamlessly integrating functionality and design.Being an internal environment, the curtains not only serve their primary function of controlling sunlight but also act as a backdrop for photography, create enclosed private spaces, and enable the realization of versatile environments. Simultaneously, the use of natural materials with textured surfaces that generate shadows, along with craftsmanship-rich details incorporated into the floor, walls, and fixtures, enhances a sense of luxury within the simple space.